Bee Breakfast

A proposal I have for a restaurant.

I have a proposal for a restaurant theme. I wish to paint the experience I have in mind. 

You will enter the restaurant and sit down for breakfast. You will order a coffee with waffles and your girlfriend will order toast with chutney. You will sit and enjoy pleasant conversation, taking in the beauty of the place. There will be an open plan with comfy, colourful seats. Your food comes quickly and you begin to eat. The chutney is perhaps the favourite, however, one bee appears and sits in the chutney and as you try and swat it away another appears and sits in the chutney. You see the bees and being the horrible person you are you kill them as you really like the chutney. You think this solves the issue and your girlfriend beegins to eat her chutney on toast. But before you know it about 5 more bees appear and sit in your chutney. There is nothing you can do about the bees so, with great regret, you put the chutney on the table next to you. You will see a gathering of about 10 bees meet up and chow down on YOUR chutney. The bees still bug the hell out of you and are right in your face. They are the small annoying type that has no respect for personal space and can’t beehave.

You cram down your breakfast and coffee, as at this point all you want is for the bee stress to be over. After much swatting and cursing, you finish your breakfast. You remember that both you and your girlfriend are allergic to bees so you go pay at the bar to avoid any more bee time. You pay and as you leave, you will realise, the place is bee themed. It is a bar with a real beehive right next to it. The decor is all bee based. And there are pictures of bees everywhere. 

You will feel very conflicted. Firstly, you think why the hell would someone make a bee themed restaurant, and secondly, I’ve just killed two bees in a bee restaurant so I need to leave right now. As it goes, karma comes along the next day and you have clearly got stung by a bee and your finger looks like a sausage for three days. 

That is the experience I have in mind. I would like to know what you think about this. Please let me know in the comment section below.

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